Can Apple Keep up with Samsung?


Any good geek knows of the ongoing war between top tech companies Apple and Samsung. With the all of the battles, in and out of the courtroom, is Apple able to continue the war?

My initial thought, as said on TechnoBuffalo, Was “Yes, Of course.” But then I started taking into consideration everything Apple is up against. Not just Samsung, but HTC, Motorola, Pantech, LG, Google, RIM, Microsoft, Nokia, and many more. Apple is looking at a very hard battle. We are now around 6 mo. away from the iPhone 5 announcement/launch and with reports of Apple cutting the production of the 5, the tech guru may be in trouble. TechnoBuffalo stated that right now consumers are deciding whether or not to by the current iPhone, or wait “for the new one”.

With people like the aforementioned companies coming out with new phones and tablets every week or month, respectively, it makes one think that Apple should step up their game and start producing more hardware or even just update the software more. Once a year seems to not be cutting it for “the Big A”

But only time can tell. What are you’re thoughts? Leave them in the comment section below.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

Zac Murphy

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