Good ol’ Instagram. I personally love my Instagram account. It allows me to check up on friends, meet new people, even allows out-of-state and even in-state family know what’s going on with my life. I love the ability to customize the photo I’m posting. It’s a great social network to use and is probably my current favorite social platform right now. They have tons of users, 90 million monthly active users and 40 million uploads a day.

Now also with all the controversy surrounding the privacy policy with Instagram, they finally reverted back to the original ones.

My least favorite part of Instagram is all the nudity that tends to sneak in. While FaceBook and Twitter get ride of even slightly provocative images within minutes of being reported, it took almost a year for #nudes to get removed, along with others.

That being said, My questions for today is, “What is your favorite and least favorite part about Instagram?” and “If you don’t have and account, why?”

If it weren’t for that, and add in a chat function. Instagram would be the perfect  social network. Twitter and FaceBook don’t fall far behind.

Zac Murphy

Zac Murphy is a huge geek. He is a photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker. He loves to search the web and report on tech news.

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