RIM offers to pay $100 per app that Android developers port over

Research In Motion(RIM) is offering to pay $100 per app that Android developers port over to BlackBerry 10, up to 20 apps per developer in its BlackBerry 10 Last Chance Port-A-Thon that runs for 36 hours.

I was wondering how you could port 20 apps to BlackBerry 10 for the maximum of $2,000 and they have some sort of App Generator tool, that claims to allow you to build apps for BlackBerry Smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook in under 10 minutes without any technical knowledge… So that make’s me wonder how advance these apps will be or will they just be fart apps or simple content based apps. Do they care more about quantity or quality? I guess at the launch event the CEO might think it’s cool to say something like “We’ve already got X apps, ready for the new platform!”.

BlackBerry 10 is the upcoming new version of BlackBerry’s mobile operating system. We should hear more about BlackBerry as we get closer to the January 30, 2013 launch date of the new system. Think developers care about BlackBerry? Will BlackBerry make a come back?

Source: AndroidGuys

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