Is the iPhone in trouble?


When the iPhone first came out, it was all the rage. In 2007, it was pretty popular, albeit hard to afford with its $500-$600 price point.  I remember my youth pastors going and sitting in line for it (and they have had every generation since).

The iPhone was a status symbol. If you could afford it, you were awesome.  People would flash it whenever they could. “Oh yeah, I saw that on my new iPhone.” “Oh Check out my new iPhone.” and so on.

But now it’s become pretty easy to get an iPhone. With AT&T, you can sign a two year contract and get an iPhone 4 for free. They are taking away the cool factor of having an iPhone. Heck, someone on unemployment can afford an iPhone now.

A recent study shows teenagers would rather have the Microsoft Surface or the Samsung Galaxy Note II than the iPhone, just because they are newer and cooler.

Okay, I want to talk about me for a second. I am sort of an Apple fanboy. I love all my Apple products. My Mac is very important to me. But if I were to go out and buy a phone right this minute, my choice would be the HTC One X+. If I were to pick up a second laptop, it would probably be the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro Computer/Tablet.

Apple is losing it “cool factor”. Think about it. When a parent has an iPhone 4 and they upgrade to the 5, who gets the 4? The kid who wants a phone. When the phone becomes a “hand-me-down”, the kid thinks of this is old, “why can’t I have (insert popular phone here)?”.

Apple’s flagship devices is about out of rope, unless they completely overhaul the software and even the hardware, but that’s a whole ‘nother rant.

Source: TechnoBuffalo 

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