Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer Ad

IE AdThis morning I was browsing Twitter and Microsoft released a new ad promoting Internet Explorer 10. The ad didn’t actually show IE itself, only the icon at the end on a Windows Surface tablet. Even though I doubt I’ll switch to Internet Explorer 10, or Windows 8 as my fulltime operating system I think this is the best Microsoft Ad ever made. This is one of those ads that connect to you emotionally  especially if you remember the 90s.

Back when life moved a little slower because we were stuck with 56K dial-up modems and didn’t have Smartphones to always be connected 24/7. Without a smartphone, the only thing buzzing in our pockets was a Tamagotchi. When a troll was your friend. Back before everyone posted pictures of their food on Instagram. Everything was simpler back then.

Then towards the end of the ad, it says “The future was bright, You grew up. So did we.”.  Well I think the future is still bright, not just for Microsoft but for all of us. I also agree Microsoft has “grew up”. it seems they are betting the whole company on Windows 8, that’s a very grown up thing to do since you have to be 21 years old to gamble.

Anyways, what did you all think of the ad?

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