128GB Retina iPad

iPadApple today just announced a 128GB iPad, that is twice the storage space of the 64GB iPad. The new version will go on sale next month on February 5th. It’s going to cost $799 for the Wi-Fi only version, and $929 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

Add about 70 bucks to the Wi-Fi + Cellular model price and you could get the base MacBook Air, and for some that would be more worthwhile, as some people tend to see the iPad as more of a toy, and a Mac as a powerful tool. All I use my iPad for is reading, Twitter and games. I have a few apps for blogging and coding, but never feel productive using them. On my Mac I’m very productive when it comes to getting stuff like code and blog posts done.

Do you think Apple will increase the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mini to 128GB in the future, to match the space of the new iPad?

Source: Apple Press Info

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