Dell announces plans to go private

Michael Dell
Michael Dell

Dell’s founder Michael Dell announced today that Silver Lake(A firm that invests in technology companies) and he are going to take Dell private again. Michael Dell and Silver Lake will be buying up the company at $13.65 per share. This deal is valued approximately at 24.4 Billion dollars.

By being a private company Dell won’t have to worry about impressing share holders each fiscal quarter. So now they can focus on whatever they want such as trying new interesting things. This is basically like becoming a startup again.

I’m wondering what the future of dell will be like. They will need to do something that will separate themselves from competitors such as HP, Acer, and other vendors so they stand out. Most of the computer vendors just builds the hardware than slaps Windows on it and sells it.

Apple on the other hand, makes both the hardware and software making their products unique compared to other vendors. You get something different if you buy a Mac such as its great design and exclusive operating system, It’s not just some clone of another computer that runs Windows.

Dell is one of the major PC vendors that sells laptops pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux and tests them to make sure all the drivers and everything functions as one would expect, as sometimes stuff like Wi-Fi may not work if you just install Ubuntu on just any random laptop. So that’s one thing that makes them slightly different from other major players

How do you think this deal and the future of Dell will pan out?

Source: Business Wire

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