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Startup WobbleWorks started a KickStarter so they can produce a product called the 3Doodler. It’s the world’s first and only 3D pen that lets you draw in the air, so you could draw the Eiffel tower base on a piece of paper or cardboard and then lift it up into the air off of the paper, creating a 3D model. Way more fun than drawing boring old 2D models.

It heats and cools plastic as you draw, using technology similar to a 3D printer but in a pen, and unlike a 3D printer it doesn’t require a computer and designing models in a program like Maya or Blender. You just start drawing with it and see where it takes you. One thing that you might worry about is getting burnt using it, I guess it would be similar to getting burnt by a glue gun. It is not considered a toy for children and is recommended for ages 12 and up, so it would be great for teens and older folks.

Plastic strands

This product is expected to be sold around $75 dollars a pen and shipped by August. It uses sticks of colored plastic for its “ink”. I myself draw horrible but using this I could see my self creating 3D buildings with this, and other little decorations.

In the future they plan to make different sizes tips for thickness, sorta like having different brushes. Also might make lower heat versions that could work with food for uses such as cake and cupcake decorating.

I think this product seems really cool, and would enjoy playing with it in the future. What would you create using one?

Source: NewScientistKickStarter

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