(Resolved) iMessage and FaceTime outage affecting some users

Apple’s system status page http://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/


For the past couple hours, iMessage and FaceTime has had an outage that is affecting “some users”, according to Apple’s system status page. I noticed the issue a little bit ago when messaging Zac about some server upgrades.

It said to me “<personal info removed redacted> is not registered with iMessage.”, when indeed his address is registered with iMessage.  Then chatting with someone else it only worked on the second send. 

The status page says “some users” but if you search for iMessage on Twitter, you can see lots of incoming real-time tweets about it, so not sure how many people is “some users”, seems more like a lot of users.

We’ll keep you updated on this issue.


Apple status page is reporting both iMessage and FaceTime as “Normal” now.

Source: The Next Web

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