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Now I want to start this post of by saying, this is a non biased article. We use Google ads on our site to help us fund it. Now for the post.

I think Google has it out for Apple. Just my blatantly honest opinion. I was watching some tech reviews on Youtube, and came across this ad on a TechnoBuffalo  video. Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 10.12.52 PM

 Now what I really want to point out is this: at the bottom left corner of the picture is says: “Ads by Google”.

I want to know who approved an ad for an iOS jailbreaking app on a video that has 50,000+ views, on a channel with 230,595,287 video views and 515,797 subscribers.

Just a little food for thought.

Zac Murphy

Zac Murphy is a huge geek. He is a photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker. He loves to search the web and report on tech news.

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