Battlefield 4 banned in China

Electronic Arts Battlefield 4 China Rising was banned in China by the Chinese government. The Battlefield 4 game is set in the year 2020 and it’s where the Chinese citizens rise up to overthrow the Chinese government being led by Admiral Chang with the help of Russia. China’s Ministry of Culture charges EA with creating a form of “cultural invasion” and that it “smeared China’s image” according to China State-run newspaper. The Chinese government banned all sales, downloads of the game, demos, patches, news and everything related to the game in China. China government requests that the game to be deleted from consoles and PCs as soon as possible claiming that it’s an “illegal game with content that endangers national security”.

Major Chinese social networking sites such as Weibo are censoring the Chinese translation “ZhanDi4” of Battlefield 4. Online users in China are still posting peer-to-peer download links of the game under its English name and acronym BF4.

What do you think about China banning BF4?

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