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Cash_-_Email_money_to_anyone___Square-650x435Square Cash is an up and coming (maybe) payment system. You simply type in the person’s email, enter the amount you’d like to request/send and hit go. The person on the other end gets an email informing them that you requested/sent money. You/they are then prompted to enter your Visa or MasterCard DEBIT card number, and the money will be deposited to your bank account. This is an amazing idea, and much more efficient than Paypal (in my opinion, being a PayPal  user), save for one problem. It only accepts Visa and MasterCard. Now for most people this wouldn’t be a problem, or if you could simply enter the routing and accounting number for your bank account. I have a problem with this though. I have an AmEx Bluebird card. Now with this I have a routing and accounting number so that people can deposit directly onto my card (and allows me to use PayPal). But since the only option is Visa or MasterCard for Square Cash and not AmEx, Discover, or routing&accounting number, I cannot use the service. Otherwise this is a very useful service. Albeit, Square Inc. is loosing money with it, I hope to see it evolve more.

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