Now Hiring Part 2

Due to recent staffing changes, I decided that I would post again to let you know of the opportunities available to anyone interested.

Vice President: Due to Zac’s promotion to President due to Kevin’s step down to Chairman, We are in need of a Vice President. This person would take some of the duties from Zac so that he is not so swamped. If you have any questions, email Zac.

Writers: We are still looking for 3 writers. We need writers for General News, Mobile News, and Special Events. Email Zac.

Video Creator: We are looking to expand into the video side of the tech world. This involves video editing skills. As usual, Email Zac.

IT Position: We are looking for someone to assist IT Lead Matt Palmer. Surprise, surprise, Email Zac.

Editor: We are also looking for someone to help edit and proofread the blog posts, and also moderate the podcasts. If you have any questions about it, guess what? Email Zac.

Moderator: Moderating includes feeding us live information while we record, and fact checking for us. Questions? Email Zac.

Zac Murphy
President | Creative Director | Editor-in-Chief

Zac Murphy

Zac Murphy is a huge geek. He is a photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker. He loves to search the web and report on tech news.

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