SSDs vs Hard Drives

Have you heard of SSDs but are unsure what they are? One of the first common things about a HDD and an SDD is that they are similar in their functionality, that is, they are both used to permanently store data. However, their approach to achieving this purpose is what differs.

For the traditional spinning hard drives, that is the HDD, the storage is non-volatile which implies that the data is not lost even after shutting down your laptop. HDD employs the use of metal platters that have a magnetic coating. To access the data, it employs a read and write head on arm which access the data as the metal platters are spinning within the hard disc enclosure.

For the SSD, it does the same job as the HDD, however the means of achieving this function differs. Instead of having spinning metal platters, it uses interconnected flash memory chips which retain data even when there is no power. At times, the chips may be pre-installed on the systems motherboard eg Ultrabook and laptops.

Do you have an SSD? Do you want one?

Zac Murphy

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