Tesla Model D

The Tesla Model D is going to be an upgraded version of Tesla’s existing Model S electric car, but having two motors instead of just one making it faster and more efficient. The Model D will cost around US $85,070, sadly costing twice the average cost of US $31,252 for a new sedan.

Interestingly a lot of these new advancements in cars happened in the more expensive cars then moved down to being in the everyday people priced car average, which kinda reminds me of how gadgets usually get cheaper over time and more advanced.

Tesla is planning to release a Tesla Model 3 for around US $40,000, which is closer to what you’ll pay for an average sedan. The Tesla Model 3 will continue the goal of making electric cars appeal even more to the masses.

What do you think of Tesla’s efforts? Do you plan on owning an electric car in the future?

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