GTA 5 – Game Consoles Compared

The scene of a zooming car through the roads of Los Santos in mind-blowing speed with Franklin Clinton behind the wheels and the names of Rockford Hills famous bank robber Michael De Santa and the notorious criminal Trevor Phillips from Blaine County are more than sufficient for anyone to understand that it’s GTA 5, the legendary game. With magnificent graphics and real life like characters, GTA 5 has stolen everyone’s hearts. The game performance however differs in accordance with the gaming platforms as shown in this video.

The details of the roads as well as cars and the city looks awesome in the first clip that shows GTA 5 performance on PS4, the graphics rendering capability of PS4 in a such high-paced scene is just awesome. While on Xbox One and Xbox 360 the scene appears quite dull and hazy, the performance of PS3 is not in par with the performance of PS4 however, it seems better in comparison to both Xbox One and Xbox 360 gaming platforms featured in the video though.

The graphics rendering of PS3 is also smooth, however the game looks hazy in a few scenes sometimes as well. The game scenes are mostly of night for Xbox One and Xbox 360 therefore, their rendering capability can’t be fully judged in the video. The overall winner is obviously the PS4,however the other featured platforms are also good to play GTA 5 on as well.

Another cool thing is the PS4 controller light bar will change based on health and wanted level, also phone calls and radio chatter plays through the built-in speaker on the controller itself.

Do you play GTA 5? Which console do you prefer GTA 5 on?

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