Electric Skateboards

Many young adults, both male or female are using skateboards for fun.

What if you can have extreme fun with a little effort? What if you could commute to nearby places without using a bike, car, etc but with lots of enjoyment and adventures?

The good news is you can experience that by buying an electric skateboard.  There are lots of Electric Skateboards with different prices and specs but you will definitely love the ZBoard Pro.

This electric Skateboard contains a deck with anterior and back-end foot pads. Both foot pad assesses how much force the rider is applying and relays this information to the board micro-controller which controls the speed of the electric motor.

To start,  leaning on the forepart pad will begin acceleration which is completely liable to change the cruise at any pace. The built-in motor allows it to silently move forward and can advance up to 17 mph. You sway from side to side to steer like you would in a normal skateboard. It has a progressive sensory, the more you incline forward the faster you go and the harder you bend backward the faster you stop. It also has a hill hold where the feature clasps to keep the board from getting away when you’re on an incline. In addition to that, the board has weight sensors at each end that transmit your weight distribution to the electric motor’s rear axle.

The other features of ZBoard comprises of oversized smooth wheels and a built-in handle for advantage. The charger also works at any 110V outlet. Furthermore, it is provided with regenerative braking and an electric motor. It’s carbon footprint is equivalent to 1499 miles/gallon.

The success of ride on hills will depend on the road conditions, intensity and weight of the rider. Although Zboard can easily drive from tiniest to average hummock particularly when it starts moving, on downhills, it will limit the rider’s speed. As for safety, you can guide the ZBoard to a full stop on the downhill by tilting backwards to brake.

Skateboards are really perfect for drifting on the boardwalk every weekend but it will be much better and relaxing if you will use electric skateboards. People mostly enjoy their time using it especially when they ride a few miles down the street to buy things or food and when they visit their nearby friends. That’s pretty amazing, and sure surpasses  pushing down the street with a regular skateboard.

Do you want to experience something new? Do you want to enjoy a ride with little physical effort? Why not try an electric Skateboard? You will definitely know how advanced our technologies are. Once you ride one, without doubt you would not want to stop.

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