The Future of iGeekable has evolved over the years. We came from an idea in Chairman Kevin Whitman’s head to a simply audio podcast to a full fledged site. We, though, are still trying to find our niche.

Our idea on how to do this and on how to move forward is this: A place for anyone to geek out.
What this means is that we will be opeing up a new opportunity here on the site. If you want the chance for your voice to be heard about anything that you geek out about, send us an email with your article for a chance for voice to be heard, whether you want the writing credit, or you just submit it anonymously. If you have an article, send it to and someone on staff will get back to you.

This doesn’t mean that we will be doing away with our regular writers. We have a plan in place to get content back up on the site, which will begin on June 1st.

We do have a few on-staff writing positions open, as well as a couple senior positions open. If you are interested in any of this positions, contact for more information.

We would also like to introduce our new on staff free-writer: Aaron Olson. What he does a a free writer is, instead of a topic writer who writes about a certain genre, he will write about anything under any topic or genre. Stay tuned to the Meet the Staff page for more about him.

In the next week, we will be talking more about our future plans, and hope to hear from you all soon with your own articles and any intrest in working for the iGeekable team.

You may see a few subtle changes around the site as we prepare for the coming months.
Thank you for reading and continuing to support our site.

Zac Murphy
President|Creative Director|Editor-in-Chief


Zac Murphy

Zac Murphy is a huge geek. He is a photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker. He loves to search the web and report on tech news.

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