2015 Apple Macbook 12″ Sells for US $15,000.00

The 2015 MacBook released this year back in March that shipped with a Intel Core M processor at 2.4GHz, with 8GB of ram and 256GB of SSD disk space in the Space Gray color just went for US $15,000.00 on eBay with 6 bidders. This laptop retails for $1,299.00 at the Apple Store.

You can view the page promoting this laptop on Apple’s website here, and you can view the eBay listing here. The listing mentions “sealed anti virus cd”, I wonder which one since being a Mac…

Bidder History
Bidder History

The  bidder history shows someone was bidding $1,150.00 then someone bided $14,999.00. Was it a typo for $1,499 maybe? Then after that someone else after that put a $15,000.00. Maybe they thought this MacBook was worth a lot more and was unfamiliar with Apple’s products? If not a mistake, then my other theories are either someone doing a random act of kindness, people playing a joke or some sort of money laundering(but why would people want to do that on a site as public as eBay, so that’s very unlikely).

This listing did mention it was a gift, so if this was a legit bid and the person actually pays then that gift turned out to be much more than the original gift which is pretty awesome for this person. I wonder who is the person paying 15K for a MacBook and why.

Pretty interesting find though I think. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are.

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