We’re Coming Back


Update: 2/16/18

Hello there.

We’re getting close to relaunch 3.0, but we have some big announcements that we couldn’t wait to share.

#1: A New Parent Company: Since it’s inception, iGeekable has been it’s own company and we could continue to operate as such. But our new direction has forced us to be more forward thinking. We created our parent company so that we can have an umbrella under which we can continue to grow, and also to create a better defined leadership structure. Our new parent company is simply iGeekable Productions.

#2: iGeekable.com: iGeekable.com is our flagship division. When we relaunch, we will begin putting out new content, both written and video. We will be launching a new news show focused on Technology, Pop Culture, and Entertainment. We will also be bringing back the podcast.

We have partnered with the gaming community Deleted Expletives. With this partnership, we will be bringing you new live video game playthroughs, video walkthroughs, and both written and video reviews. They will operate under the umbrella of iGeekable Productions.

Our biggest focus will be on the new video content, but rest assured, we will continue to bring you the best written and audio content upon which we were built.

#3: Leadership and Staff Changes: Because of our parent company launch, we have restructured the way we see our leadership. The executives of iGeekable will become the executives of iGeekable Productions. Each division will have a leader and their staff, but will be ultimately managed by iGeekable Productions. (Don’t worry, we got confused too). All of the following will also be available on the Meet the Staff page and bio pages:

iGeekable Productions Leadership:

Zac Murphy: CEO | Creative Director

Dalton Coleman: COO | Technical Director

Gabe Williams: CFO | Partner Manager

Aaron Olson: Executive Producer

iGeekable.com Leadership:

Zac Murphy: Editor-in-Chief

Dalton Coleman: Director of Operations

New Staff:

Chloe Hartman: Executive Assistant | Office Manager

As more staff join us, this is subject to change. Once relaunch is a go, our staff page(s) will be full of all the pertinent information.

There will be an article version of this for posterity, if there are any further updates, or the relaunch goes live

But for now,

~end of line~