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Google ads

Now I want to start this post of by saying, this is a non biased article. We use Google ads on our site to help us fund it. Now for the post.

I think Google has it out for Apple. Just my blatantly honest opinion. I was watching some tech reviews on Youtube, and came across this ad on a TechnoBuffalo  video. Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 10.12.52 PM

 Now what I really want to point out is this: at the bottom left corner of the picture is says: “Ads by Google”.

I want to know who approved an ad for an iOS jailbreaking app on a video that has 50,000+ views, on a channel with 230,595,287 video views and 515,797 subscribers.

Just a little food for thought.

Zac Murphy

Zac Murphy is a huge geek. He is a photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker. He loves to search the web and report on tech news.

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  • Hey Zac. Interesting post. I think when creating an ad they approve the text, image, etc of it. But as far as placement goes, I’m pretty sure it’s just algorithms based on your history and the sites content, not humans choosing the ads.

    Were you visiting a bunch of Jailbreaking sites? Maybe they mentioned Jailbreaking in the comments. Stuff like that it would pick up on from my understanding.

    • Well that’s my point. They approved the text and images (the content).