Square Cash

Square Cash is an up and coming (maybe) payment system. You simply type in the person’s email, enter the amount you’d like to request/send and hit go. The person on the other end gets an email informing them that you requested/sent money. you are then prompted to enter your Visa or MasterCard DEBIT card number, and the money will be deposited to your bank account. This is an amazing idea, and much more efficient than Paypal (in my opinion, being a PayPal  user), save for on problem. It only accepts Visa and MasterCard. Now for most people this wouldn’t be a problem, or if you could simply enter the routing and accounting number for your bank account. I have a problem with this though. I have an AmEx Bluebird card. Now with this I have a routing and accounting number so that people can deposit directly onto my card (and allows me to use PayPal). But since the only option is Visa or MasterCard for Square Cash and not AmEx, Discover, or routing&accounting number, I cannot use the service. Otherwise this is a very useful service. Albeit, Square Inc. is loosing money with it, I hope to see it evolve more.


Hey guys. We are looking for some writers and content creators. Kevin and Zac are leading some very busy lives lately. We haven’t been able to keep up with the writing and maintenance on the site in a few months. So we are looking for a new assistant project manager, an IT position, and 3 writing positions. We are also looking for some onscreen talent to create videos to display the news alongside our articles.

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How 3D printing will change manufacturing

As 3D printing takes the center stage world wide, it promises to revolutionize the way the world produces its products. One of which is the way the world manufactures its goods. While China is playing a predominate role in manufacturing products and shipping them to countries all over the world, 3D printing technology is leveling the playing field by placing manufacturing back into the hands of local manufacturing companies and everyday people.

According to information provided from Harvard Business Review [1], this new technology will allow machines to produce any object, onsite and as needed. Which means, there will be a large shift in the paradigm that will allow products to be produced closer to the point of consumer consumption or purchase. The shift does not only involve local manufacturing companies but production at the household level. For instance, the consumers may purchase the raw materials that’s needed for specific items, download the file, and print the item at home.

In addition to eliminating China as one of the dominate manufacturing sources for the world, centralized plants will also see a change in their manufacturing role. Instead of producing large volumes of products in a huge centralized manufacturing facility, the goods can be made and distributed locally. So, 3D technology will also lend itself to former times when most items were made and distributed within local communities.

Replacement Parts for Auto Industry – DIY

Keeping any operation running smoothly can be a challenge on so many levels. From operating an automobile manufacturing operation to running a trucking company, there is a wide diversity of parts needed on a continuous basis. With 3D CAD images machines onsite, the future will be dramatically different for business all over the world. According to Forbes [2], the new technology will offer rapid parts for operations that need them. For instance, when trucking companies need new parts for their vehicles, they may choose to make their parts onsite instead of ordering the parts from a supplier that is located overseas. This option may be used as the norm instead of the exception because large trucking companies will have access to the machinery that designs the parts in a fraction of the time. With these growing trends, over seas suppliers will eventually have a large reduction in the things that they manufacture for the world’s use.

Reduction in Prices

The costs of virtually every product has skyrocketed over the years. One of the major contributing factors is tacking on the associated cost of manufacturing and shipping to the products that come from overseas companies. However, with 3D technology the cost of these same products will be substantially reduced since the products can be made and distributed within local areas. Thereby, completely eliminating the added overhead shipping cost that is currently added on top of each item that is sold.

Marketplace for 3D Increasing

As 3D technology is being ushered into the mainstream, companies who want to stay on the cutting edge in their industries will have to follow the technology closely so that they are ready for this new era. In some cases, getting ready may involve making investments into companies that produce 3D technology software applications and hardware. This is normally a great move for companies who want to increase their profits by investing in the companies that support 3D printing and 3D scanning related functions. Therefore, they may choose to buy stocks in the companies that are on the list of major players in developing 3D machinery and 3D design copyrights.

Additionally, companies who are currently in the manufacturing business should prepare themselves by ensuring the expertise that they need is on staff. From professionals who are well skilled in developing 3D software applications to engineers who know how to develop various kinds of product designs, local companies must be prepared to take on their new role in manufacturing if they are going to remain relevant.

With all of the changes in today’s technology, people all over the world are advancing in virtually every industry. Even though there has been major growth in the past, the future is also very promising as well. As 3D technology levels the playing field by allowing the local production, China can also expect to lose their vast manufacturing footage since the countries that they service presently will become more self-reliant.


Battlefield 4 banned in China

Electronic Arts Battlefield 4 China Rising was banned in China by the Chinese government. The Battlefield 4 game is set in the year 2020 and it’s where the Chinese citizens rise up to overthrow the Chinese government being led by Admiral Chang with the help of Russia. China’s Ministry of Culture charges EA with creating a form of “cultural invasion” and that it “smeared China’s image” according to China State-run newspaper. The Chinese government banned all sales, downloads of the game, demos, patches, news and everything related to the game in China. China government requests that the game to be deleted from consoles and PCs as soon as possible claiming that it’s an “illegal game with content that endangers national security”. Continue reading

Yet Another YouTube redesign (Late 2013)

It’s almost the end of 2013 and YouTube is testing a another design. If you open YouTube not signed in with no cookies, you get a random chance to see this new design they are testing. YouTube seems to be always redesigning their site, this is like the 5th or 6th redesign? I lost count. Never seen a site go thought this many redesigns!

New YouTube design

New YouTube design Home Page

The home page looks cleaner and less cluttered it seems. Continue reading

The Future of iGeekable

So we haven’t been around for a while. We’ve been doing occasional updates to the site itself, but not very many posts.

We have been searching for writers, bloggers, podcasts hosts, and more, but to little to no avail. If you are interested, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

But we will be maintaining radio silence until the end of the year as we continue to search for more staff. Please forgive us.


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