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We’re Coming Back

We’re Coming Back

Hello? Is this thing still on? Well hello everyone! It’s been almost 2 years since the last post on this site. A lot of things have changed in our lives, but our love for iGeekable is still the same. I’ve missed this site quite a bit. So I decided that I am going to try

Site Partnership

Site Partnership

Update: recently bought out in an effort to bring more content to the site. You will see the posts merge over soon. Zac Murphy CEO|Creative Director|Editor-in-Chief

Role Changes

Role Changes

Over the past few years iGeekable has been in a state of flux. We are all very passionate about what we do and about tech news. We just haven’t been a very steady source of news. I want that to change. I’m currently in the process of finding new writers and people who have a

The Future of iGeekable

The Future of iGeekable has evolved over the years. We came from an idea in Chairman Kevin Whitman’s head to a simply audio podcast to a full fledged site. We, though, are still trying to find our niche.

We apologize

We apologize

We just had a small error occur on the website, causing a loud noise to emit from speakers if you visited the site on a Mac or PC. Mobile sites were unaffected. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you and hope to see you back here on the site. Zac Murphy President|Creative


Hey guys. We are looking for some writers and content creators. Kevin and Zac are leading some very busy lives lately. We haven’t been able to keep up with the writing and maintenance on the site in a few months. So we are looking for a new assistant project manager, an IT position, and 3 writing

Free Wallpapers!

Today we added a free iGeekable wallpapers section. Check it out here or the “Wallpapers” link at the bottom of the page. Currently we have a wallpaper that is great for your desktop background, and another one covering the iPad and iPad mini. Then the rest cover some of the popular phones such as the iPhone

Staff Postitions

Hey Guys, I wanted to talk to you guys about some positions on the site that we have open. We have been looking for a few of these for a while, and some only for a bit, but we need them none the less. Positons: •Writers: We are looking for 2-3 writers to write content

Site Changes

Sorry, no tech post from me today. I’ve been doing a lot of site work and wanted to say be sure to check it out. Also a post will come in the near future for some available staff positions, So please stay tuned. Zac Murphy Vice President

iGeekable 2.0

Hey what’s up guys? I just wanted to let you guys know about some awesome news! We are launching iGeekable 2.0! We have been in discussions on how to better bring you tech news, and starting next week we will begin our tech blogs. Kevin and I have been working on the site, so you’ll

A little update

An update about the podcast from Zac!

iGeekable is coming back.

iGeekable is coming back! Hosted by Zac Murphy, Liam Green and me,  Kevin Whitman. Stay tuned to our Twitter(@iGeekable) and our Facebook page at for more information and know when Episode 1 is posted.