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We’re Coming Back

Hello? Is this thing still on?

Well hello everyone!

It’s been almost 2 years since the last post on this site. A lot of things have changed in our lives, but our love for iGeekable is still the same. I’ve missed this site quite a bit. So I decided that I am going to try to get it back off the ground. I’ve spent the past week or so doing some backend work, updating all the plugins and such. I’ve also started to fix some of the pages up, such as the Meet the Staff, and reviewing, renewing, and approving our privacy policy, which I am just as committed to today. I’m going to keep working on making sure our site is getting reliance ready, and I’ve got some big plans in store that hopefully come to fruition. Our emails are down, so I will also be working on getting those back up and running.

Kevin has started some new projects, so I don’t think we’ll be hearing much from him. We’re still business partners and friends, but he’s got his own projects. But, alas, It’s starting to feel lonely around here. I am definitely looking to hire some new people; as writers, talent, and management. If you are interested, head over to our Facebook Page¬†and shoot me a message.

I look forward to everything that I have planned, and can’t wait to come back full force. You may see some sporadic articles pop up, such as my review of the Apple Watch series 3 or the iPhone X if I can pick one up. But I will update you guys further, until the official relaunch.

This page is set as our landing/Home Page, but there is an article version of it. If you are wanting to access the blog archive, there is a new tab up in the top menu.

Zac Murphy
CEO | Creative Director | Editor-in-Chief