Skype with Gaga

Skype With Gaga


Lady Gaga was live today at, answering questions of fans, in a Google Plus styled Skype chat. This seems like a viral promotion for Skype, the well known internet phone, and video chat cross platform application. It seems like Skype selected 5 fans to talk with Gaga before the live stream that started at 2PM PST/5pm EST.

Sadly there was some technical issues.

For anyone that missed it, Skype is said to be posted a recording to its YouTube channel. For the live show about 130,000 people were viewing, or trying to at least.

One question Gaga was asked “What was your favorite Skype moment?”, and she giggled and said “It’s not rated for children”. Funny! I think Gaga on Skype was an interesting event. Wondering if more artists and celebrities will start to do this?

If you could Skype with anyone, who would it be? Do you have a favorite Skype moment?

Updated: Video up now, so if you missed it you can watch below!

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