Pandora streamed over 13 billion hours of music in 2012!

Pandora, the leading online personalized radio station service released statistics for 2012 recently. Users of the service listened to over 1 million different songs by 100 thousand different artists and 1.6 billion stations were created. Totaling 13 billion hours of music! I wonder how many hours of that music were One Direction, Justin Bieber or Carly Rae Jepsen!

I, myself used to be a big fan of Pandora and still am but I listen to it less than I did before Spotify came to the US. Spotify also has a similar radio station feature where you can put in a song and thumb up and down to have it learn your tastes, and if you like it, add it right to your music collection, but I hardly use that feature. Most of the music I listen to is what other people I’m friends with on Facebook are listening to.

Pandora was and still is really great for music discovery based on your tastes, and if you find a song you really like you can buy it on iTunes or type in the song into another service to add it to your collection.

It seems like over the past two years, other than just iTunes and Pandora music listening options have exploded. Just wondering, What is your favorite online music service’s?

Source: Pandora’s Blog

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