iPhone 6 Plus Sector Black Ops Element Case Review

The iPhone 6 Plus was a difficult choice for me when I first purchased it back in March. I had been hearing all the issues with the bending and with the occasional difficult usage due to the size. When I finally picked one up, it was so big and felt so fragile, I knew it has to go into a case right away. At the time, I had a Sector Element Case on my iPhone 5s, so I decided I wanted to stick with Element, but to my dismay, they only had the Ion and Solace cases at the time. So I settled for the best case I could find at the time. Finally, in June, my boss told me that they finally had come out with the Sector Series for the 6 Plus. We both decided to go for the Black Ops over the Pro type, for only $50 more. Also included was a rip cord belt holster. BLACK OPS 6 PLUS 1

The case has been phenomenal. It has saved both 6 Pluses that I’ve had more times then I can count. Then only reason I got a new 6 Plus is because I wanted the 128gb of Storage. The drop protection has been stellar. From an accidental drop from 3 stories, to a hop, skip, and jump (no exaggeration) across the parking lot pavement, it has held up, with minimal wear and tear on the case itself. Now, I will say I still use the case with a tempered glass screen protector.

The case design is very well made and easy to hold. I like the included grips on the sides of the case as it offers a niceBLACK OPS 6 PLUS 2 easy way to comfortably hold my phone. The all black look and rear case design is very becoming of the Black Ops name.

Putting the phone in the case is easier then it looks at first. With the top and bottom pieces separated from the rest of the case, push the volume button side in first and line it up, then click the power button side in. After it is clicked in and aligned, push the top and bottom pieces in to seal the case. To take it off, its just that process in reverse.BLACK OPS 6 PLUS 3

The adhesive of the bottom metal piece proved to be pretty weak after a couple times of having to take my case off, and separated from the plastic piece. Its at times like that, I miss the old screw-together Element cases. But the top piece has seemed to hold up a little better.

The original cases that I had received was the same but the plastic pieces of the top and bottom were red.BLACK OPS 6 PLUS The original red pieces proved to break a lot easier then the new black ones, which haven’t even cracked yet. But the original red ones still held up and protected my phone, which is what I bought the case to do.love handle

I did end up cracking and breaking one of the side parts of the case, but nothing to where the case can’t do its job.

I also took the liberty of adding a LoveHandle to the back metal part of the case, to help me keep a hold of my phone.

Overall I give this case a 8/10, because of the little red plastic issue, and the adhesive issue. But protection-wise, I give this case a 10/10.

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