RANT: Why the iPad Pro can’t be what Apple wants

It’s been a while since I’ve done a rant, but the day has come. Yesterday at my friendly neighborhood Apple Store in the mall, the iPad Pro went on sale. Now I have been looking at this as a possible laptop replacement. I don’t think its yet going to replace my desktop Mac. On a day to day basis, on the go, to help me do research and development, as well as write a lot of my articles, I have an Acer One Cloudbook 11. It does what I need it to do for the most part but it lacks some things that I want. A touchscreen and more storage. It’s a regular Windows 10 notebook, purchased so I could stop hauling my Macbook around, as well as give me a Windows experience, because I haven’t had one since Windows 7 was brand new. But, my want for a touch screen and more storage has taken over. Now I realize I could just purchase a Surface or Surface Book and still get what I want, but I also like the Apple ecosystem. So I’ve been really looking at an iPad Pro. But….

The Operating System:

This is the biggest reason in my mind. The iPad Pro is running iOS 9. Not any special version of iOS 9. Just plain old iOS 9. The same iOS 9 I can get on the iPad Air 2, or the iPad mini, just on a bigger screen. Yes, I still have all of the functions of it, but I also have all of the limitations of iOS 9. Personally, I’d love to be able to edit video on the iPad Pro. Now, iMovie for iOS offers a decent editing experience, but lacks in the professional tools department. I edit most of my things in Final Cut X or Premiere Pro, my choice depending on the client and style of the video. The mobile operating system that is iOS 9 is a great experience for iPads and iPhones. For iPhones, it’s a great every day operating system, and for the regular and mini iPads, its great as a media consumption operating system. But to really achieve what they want it to be as a Pro device and a laptop replacement device, I think it needs to run either a more desktop version of iOS, or a touch-based Mac OS X.

Zac Murphy

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