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Exclusive: Facebook testing showing last active time on desktop

fbChatSidebar_bluredFacebook is testing showing last active time on the right side bar on chat. They do this on the mobile apps already, but not on desktop yet. I noticed this today on Facebook desktop, some refreshes show it and some don’t, this is because Facebook has a system to test features with a percentage of page loads, groups of people, etc using a “gatekeeper” system.

Just thought this was sorta interesting and creepy at the same time. Anyways, what do you all think of this feature? Do you like or dislike it, find it useful?

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  • Take Japper

    I have deleted messenger and facebook app for my Samsung. It still shows when I last logged on from my desktop (although with a mobile phone icon next to it, even after I no longer have it on my phone).

    I am about to delete my account all together.

    I am also upset that I cannot control which specific pictures I am tagged in. 90% sure I will deactivate my account shortly.