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Facebook Promotes gift feature on Valentine’s day

Around September 2012 Facebook started rolling out a gift feature to its users, that allows you to pick a physical gift for a friend and then pay for it, then Facebook sends them a notification with a preview of the gift along with a virtual Card to the recipient alerting them to enter in their shipping address. You normally see the

Facebook kicks Voxer off it’s platform after adding voice support to it’s own app

The AllThingsD reports allegations that Facebook turned off the API for Voxer, an app for both iPhone and Android that is a virtual walkie-talkie. It allows you to talk one and one or in a group of people, got it’s Facebook access disabled. Voxer uses Facebook’s API to find friends who are already on Voxer. You can still add friends by


Good ol’ Instagram. I personally love my Instagram account. It allows me to check up on friends, meet new people, even allows out-of-state and even in-state family know what’s going on with my life. I love the ability to customize the photo I’m posting. It’s a great social network to use and is probably my

Facebook Graph Search

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook today announced graph search, a new search product for Facebook. Web search allows you to use keywords, but Graph search is more structured, and searches Facebook’s database vs. the whole web. For example you could search “my friends in New York who like Jay-Z” then you would get back posts, photos, places and more