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Playstation 4! Would you buy?

We have all heard about the PlayStation conference that occurred at Manhattan Center Studios in New York few days past. Although many have heard about it, do you know much of what happened? Sony’s Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House took the stage to explain the specs and features of Sony’s new PlayStation 4 (To

Kickstarter Launches iOS app

 Kickstarter is a online site where people can post projects to be funded. They have gained a lot of fame in the past year or two. They have funded over 35,000 projects for a whopping total of $450 million dollars. ‘Bout had a heart attack when I saw that one.

Camera Phones

Even since before the age of smart phones, camera phones have been pretty popular. But since the new era, they have really taken off. Even the simplest of phones has a camera on it, as shown above. But has it really become to much. I mean, Nokia has a 16 megapixel camera on a phone.

Watch the Inauguration Live

If you want to watch the inauguration live, There’s an app for that. I’m not an extremely political person, but I do find the Inauguration interesting. The app idea is pretty smart for people who want to watch it on the go or at work. The app is available for iPhone and Android. Oh, and

Is the iPhone in trouble?

When the iPhone first came out, it was all the rage. In 2007, it was pretty popular, albeit hard to afford with its $500-$600 price point.  I remember my youth pastors going and sitting in line for it (and they have had every generation since). The iPhone was a status symbol. If you could afford

Staff Postitions

Hey Guys, I wanted to talk to you guys about some positions on the site that we have open. We have been looking for a few of these for a while, and some only for a bit, but we need them none the less. Positons: •Writers: We are looking for 2-3 writers to write content

Site Changes

Sorry, no tech post from me today. I’ve been doing a lot of site work and wanted to say be sure to check it out. Also a post will come in the near future for some available staff positions, So please stay tuned. Zac Murphy Vice President

Online Storage vs. Physical Storage

When it comes to our technology, We like to make sure it’s safe. We use security systems, passwords, cases and more. But nothing is worse than that dreaded moment when your hardware crashes. When that happens you need to go buy a new computer/phone/tablet. But what if you had irreplaceable pictures on there. That’s why


Good ol’ Instagram. I personally love my Instagram account. It allows me to check up on friends, meet new people, even allows out-of-state and even in-state family know what’s going on with my life. I love the ability to customize the photo I’m posting. It’s a great social network to use and is probably my

Can Apple Keep up with Samsung?

Any good geek knows of the ongoing war between top tech companies Apple and Samsung. With the all of the battles, in and out of the courtroom, is Apple able to continue the war? My initial thought, as said on TechnoBuffalo, Was “Yes, Of course.” But then I started taking into consideration everything Apple is

iGeekable 2.0

Hey what’s up guys? I just wanted to let you guys know about some awesome news! We are launching iGeekable 2.0! We have been in discussions on how to better bring you tech news, and starting next week we will begin our tech blogs. Kevin and I have been working on the site, so you’ll